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Why Little Flower?

The vision of Little Flower School is to “Educate persons with character and competence to build a civilization of love”. It is in our educational system to lay a solid foundation to build the kind of persons for the nation, through holistic and concrete education. Therefore LFS runs basically on its flamboyant vision plan of imparting quality education to students. In its pursuit of excellence LFS has become a hall- mark since its inception.

Our prime endeavor is to make worthwhile persons for the society. A person is measured based on the values exhibited and lived. The values uphold an individual. And true education is all about imparting values. Values like love, respect, discipline, honesty, dedication etc. are vital to all the learning and that’s what the Flowerians achieve in the long run of their academic years at LFS. May they scale the heights of excellence and shine as a dynamic human being with quality of life.