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“cultures of east and west, the entire atlas, encyclopedias, centuries, dynasty, symbols, the cosmos and cosmogonies are offered from the walls”.

Little Flower School is blessed with a library room with a huge collection of books that is a soothing place to read and ponder the knowledge of the world under the guidance of a librarian. It satisfies the interrogative minds of the students who probe into the exhaustive reading material on myriad subjects- reference books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines and so on. It enriches the student’s inquisitive minds and inculcate in them reading habit.


Computer Lab:

“silicon valley is the Florence of the late 20th century”

Computer the biggest innovation of mankind is a tool, which has become an integral part of the school curriculum. With reference to the practical subject computer science, Little Flower School is equipped with a spacious computer lab where the child gets in touch with information technology. It provides the young generation an exciting way of learning.


Science Laboratory:

Scientific and experimental skills play a vital role in learning. Critical thinking and creativity get correlated as the scientific mind merge into experiments. A well-equipped science laboratorywhere effective tools such as specimens, models, picture charts etc. provides opportunities for the students on chemistry, biology and physics in order to conduct experiments while some of them involves the use of complex laboratory equipment to learn Science. Experiments take place under the supervision of skilled teachers.


Prayer Room:

Placing God at the center of our lives….

The school campus has a holy place – a prayer room to enrich one’s spiritual wisdom and be close to the Almighty, the Wisdom Incarnate. It’s place where one can have a new vision of life to discover the valuable hidden treasures to row the boat of life merrily and gently towards the highest dream.


Staff Room:

A relaxing place for the teachers….

4 staff rooms provide adequate facility for the teaching staff to do their work and correlate with each other for a healthy working environment.



A huge auditorium with an effective sound, light and music system provide a smooth environment for various functions and events. It echoes of the glorious events which created a flutter in the minds of the audience.There is also a provision for Audio Video presentations and other multimedia activities through the LCD projector.



Little Flower School is blessed with gigantic playground with indoor and outdoor games facilities.Cricket, football, basketball, badminton etc. are enjoyed by the enthusiastic players with sportsmanship. Physical Education Teachers train the students to excel in the sport/game of their choice.