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Principals’s Desk

Dear Students,

You have begun the year with new dynamism, ardour and gusto to be better persons, to learn new things, to meet new situations and to experience new life. You have set your minds to get into the world of new knowledge and to be prepared to meet the challenges the world offers to you.

The world around us keeps changing every moment with new discoveries and advancement. Therefore, the time given to you in the present moment is important for equipping yourselves. All what you need is to believe in yourself and have a strong determination to achieve your goal.

Our learning never stops. Throughout our life we are provided with opportunities for learning. All what we need is to have a positive attitude towards life and an open mind to welcome the many chances we get for learning.

Dear Students, School is your second home, a home away from home. It is a home where you are given ample opportunities to bloom into beautiful flowers, because every one of you is a mystery and a miracle of God’s love. Your School offers you the platform to find out the concealed treasure within you. It is the place where you learn the values of human life like sincerity, truthfulness, generosity, gratefulness, respect, love care, concern for one another and the ability to share. Your School can be compared to a big play ground with full of beautiful balls with variety of colures. It is up to each one of you to take hold of the best ball and play it well. Numerous are the opportunities provided to you. It is you who need to grab this possibility and make the best use of it. So, don’t be afraid to fly to the new heights of learning!

Sr. Sheeba Jospeh MSMHC