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Bishop Stephen Ferrando, the Founder of MSMHC was born at Rossiglione (Italy) on 28th September 1895 to Augustine Ferrando and Josephine Salvi.The divine spark kindled within him at the early ages, urged young Stephen to offer his life in the service of the people of God. He was ordained a priest on 18th March 1923. As a priest he was consumed by the passionate love for God and neighbor and dedicated his entire life in the service of God. As the Bishop of Shillong, he forged ahead with undaunted courage fulfilling the paramount desire of sharing God’s tremendous love with the poor and needy. With a greater visionary outlook he founded the Congregation of MSMHC to continue the works of charity, empowering women and children and uplifting the marginalized. He breathed his last on June 20th 1978.

Bishop Ferrando desired that the MSMHC Schools impart values to the students, to make them good Christians and upright citizens. These values are imparted to the students through different means. First of all, he insisted on personal witness, to be like lamps giving light and burning light of good examples with fire of love and sanctity, through prayer and holiness of life, deep faith in God, and be agents of peace.

Our Founder Bishop Stephen Ferrando had a dream of creating persons who are morally upright, emotionally unbiased, spiritually motivated, intellectually competent and socially efficacious so that they become the future leaders and transformers of their destiny. Emulating the example of the Founder, Little Flower School forge ahead in society with the motto “Educate persons with character and competence to build a civilization of love.”