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Sports & Games:

Physical education is the sum of those experiences which come to the individual through movement that enriches one’s physique as well as emotional growth in its entirety.

Little Flower aims to the proper based doctrine of sports as it gives importance to personality development, neuro- muscular development,moral and character development, development of useful qualitative skills, attitude towards leisure, remedial values and to produce effective citizenship along with positive educative experiences.

Little Flower School is blessed with gigantic playground with indoor and outdoor games facilities. Well organized and able experts are there to maintain the order and balance of the various games.

Practically a desire to build sports personalities is to meet today’s spanking challenges and to make the impossible to be possible and to build a better tomorrow.

Dance & Music:

Glory to the Flowerian’s active participation in the various physical gestures balancing the rhythmic motion of the all corners of the state as well the world at large. Such wonderful glance and focus by the Flowerians are staged in the various school events under the guidance of well reputed choreographers and experienced teachers of Little Flower School.

Junior as well as senior music coordinators provide ample scope to reach to the extraordinary talents of the Flowerians and to build a global melodious world with the fragrance of a sweet elude and overwhelming accord.

Dance and music classes are held throughout the week where students are groomed to be professionals in the aesthetic fields.

Scout & Guides:

Brave and confident Flowerians transcending unity and integrity with firm and determined steps courageously merge forward to cater to the social needs of the school, society and to the nation at large under the guidance of scouts and guides instructors contributing to the general welfare of the citizens of our country.

Personal & Career Counselling:

Blessed and gifted are the divine architectures of Little Flower School who provide able counseling to the Flowerians both in emotional and educative spheres accompanied by sincere prayers.

There is a strong belief and faith that love and generosity can overcome human made barriers if we sincerely and truly accept the dignity of every human nature. Through these accomplished positive inspirational gestures, our eminent counselors add surplus fibers and vital potentialities which enables the Flowerians to meet the demands and challenges of the new millennium and enlighten the world with educative and moral essence prospering and contributing more and more to our nation’s economy as well as the world at large.


Leadership quality is an inherent value of an individual. To bring forth this talent student representatives are there to master fold self-discipline as well as discipline forte of the prestigious institution.

With manifold blessings around the campus, school captains masterminds most of the disciplinary tasks along with the cooperation of other house captains.

Creating awareness with appropriate civic sense regarding politics as a true science and understanding the true meaning of the term ‘Democracy’ and positive leadership qualities. Thus enriching the Flowerians to build a civilization of love, truly enhancing the terms wisdom, virtue and knowledge.

Social and Community service:

YCS, YSM and YAC members along with the supervision of teachers and trainers plan, direct and coordinate the activities of the social service program.

Junior Red Cross:

The Junior Red Cross is the Youth Branch of the Indian Red Cross Society. The Junior Red Cross wing is established to create in the minds of the students, universal brotherhood, solidarity with the downtrodden and empathy towards the suffering people of the society. There are many volunteers from various classes. They organize programs, undertake cleaning tasks and so on.